My Journey

How I found my purpose after my kids left the nest

I feel like I have been a mom, a wife and a caretaker my whole adult life! It was what defined me and gave my life purpose. But, when my children became adults, and their desire to be “mothered” decreased significantly, I found myself wondering – who am I now? What’s next? This “nest” of mine was now empty and I had a void to fill. Not only was my “nest” now empty, I also had the additional worry of being a mom of a deployed soldier and I had hours to fill to keep my mind from worry!

I wanted (no, needed!) to find who I was and what I was passionate about in this next stage of life.

I tried lots of things to fill up my time…

I wrote tons of letters and sent lots of care packages during those 9 months my son was deployed. I even tried crocheting again! But, really – how many blankets and scarves can you really use? Unfortunately, that didn’t do much to ease the worry, or get me any closer to learning about myself and finding something that I was really and truly passionate about. I also tried pouring myself into my job to fill those empty hours – but that didn’t do the trick either! It did fill the hours but it didn’t help fill the void, nor did it really fill me with the sense of purpose that I was craving.

I am a firm believer in that God provides us with opportunities when we need them most – and he never gives us something that we cannot handle (this from a mom of triplets!)

My opportunity came in the form of a friend. God gave me a friend that He knew I’d need when this deployment happened. This friend, a fellow mom of a newly commissioned Army officer, also had a son deployed to the same area as mine and we developed a bond and friendship that really got me through some of the toughest times. She also became the conduit to finding the opportunity that ultimately became just the thing I has been looking for. And, it came in the most unexpected place – a meet-up for lunch…

It was just a lunch date. Or so I thought! When my friend invited me inside to meet some of her friends and see her work, I never expected that decision to stay would ultimately lead me towards MY opportunity – or that it would lead me to begin my own direct sales business!

When I first learned about this business opportunity, was I tiny bit skeptical? You bet (maybe even more than a tiny bit!) You see, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I never thought it was going to be a business opportunity! As a matter of fact, when it was presented to me, I actually laughed and said – Oh No! – I don’t need another job! I have one that I love! And, I certainly don’t think a direct sales company is for me! Been there, done that.

But something about that product really took hold of me that day. I left, armed with a few products to try, and then something amazing happened!

I found my passion! Initially, just using those products to create beautiful home decor that I was proud to display in my home or give as gifts filled me with joy!

But, I quickly found that what I also really enjoyed and what I really wanted to do more of was encouraging other women to accomplish something they thought was impossible.

I remember asking a group of friends to rate their level of creativity from 1-10, with 10 being the most creative. One friend rated herself a 2 and said she wasn’t creative at all! But when she created her first masterpiece with me, she was delighted and went on to create not only things for herself but also grew in confidence to give her creations as gifts! Now, that was exciting to watch!

My business has not only given me the confidence to create beautiful things, but also help other women see what they are capable of – from creating their own beauty to having the confidence to start their own business inspiring others.

I am blessed to have begun attracting a community of courageous women who are finding strength within themselves to create beauty and share that beauty with others. What an incredible journey I am blessed to be on! I invite you to become part of my growing community! Contact me to learn how!

Til next time,


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